We are proud to have co-founded these companies, in partnership with talented entrepreneurs… several more are coming soon !

JhoA new organic brand of tampons & pads that women can trust

FINALLY ! Organic cotton & peace of mind for ALL.
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Il Était Plusieurs FoisTop-quality second-hand clothes, toys and more for children 0 to 8

Our mission: to offer a refined “casual chic” selection at a fraction of the price, to make life easier for parents, and to preserve the environment for the sake of our children!
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UpTogetherA learning network for managers

A network of managers becoming better, together, through peer-to-peer exchange over videochat.
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Vite Mon MarchéYour local market delivered to your door in 60 minutes or less

The good old delivery truck is back to make good products accessible to everyone!
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Homemade green energy

The first mass-market, plug & play solar panel that can be installed by anyone, anywhere, and used directly to power your home or apartment.
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Les Mini MondesA new world of toys made from recycled plastic

The family “mini mondes” is taking a world tour by van… a new universe of stories & toys for modern parents.
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River HomeDecoration expertise, inspired by nature

Tailor-made, 100% online, natural decoration expertise.
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Let’s Give
The world’s easiest donation app

A fun, simple & playful donation app that turns each of us into everyday superheroes !
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